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Zazu Ruby Star Projector With Soothing Melodies

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Zazu Ruby Star Projector With Soothing Melodies.

Ruby projects the moon and stars on the ceiling of your little one's nursery and can play soothing sounds from white noise to lullabies to send your child off into a peaceful slumber.

Ruby automatically shuts the sound off after 15 minutes, and the projection after 30 minutes, but will reactivate if your child starts crying, with its built-in cry sensor.

  • 4 Light Colors:
    – Orange.
    – Blue.
    – Green.
    – Multicolor.

    3 Melodies:
    – Heartbeat sound.
    – Nature sounds.
    – Lounge music.

  • Plush cover can be washed, after removal of the light module.
  • 2 volume settings.
  • Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included).

Ages: From Birth