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Lego DOTS 41935 Lots Of Dots 1000pc

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Lego DOTS 41935 Lots Of Dots 1000pc.

Fulfil a child’s passion for arts and crafts and creative activities with this 1,000+ piece LEGO DOTS Lots of DOTS (41935) set. It’s full of exciting colours and shapes, including ¼, ½ and full circles, plus square tiles in rainbow colours, to kick-start creativity. With a wide selection of DOTS tiles, kids are free to create endlessly!

This massive arts and crafts set for kids age 6+ brings the opportunity to make whatever designs they wish, with loads of tiles and suggestions to customize their LEGO DOTS bracelets, accessories and room decor items such as desk organisers, pencil holders or picture frames, or any other LEGO sets (sold separately). In the box, kids will find lots of creative patterns to inspire their creative activities while expanding their confidence and imagination.

The box makes a fun addition to a group crafting activity or a cool arts-and-crafts gift for a youngster to customize any other LEGO sets they may have.

  • Contains 1040 pieces.
  • Use these tiles to create unique designs in other DOTS kits or LEGO toy sets.
  • Kids can explore self-expression and the joy of LEGO play with DOTS sets.

Ages: 6+